Maria Fedoseeva. Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is the most ancient signs of self-perfectioning. “Kundalini is a symbolic meaning all limitless potential of human being, “Yoga” is a science, a system. Thus, Kundalini yoga is the science about revealing limitless abilities of a human. This is the science about human and for human. As any other system it consists of several harmonically compatible elements: yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), sound vibrations (mantras), gestures (mudras), and muscular locks (bandha) and some types of concentration. By means of kundalini yoga you will be able to build up a healthy body, balance mind work, create connection with your own limitless internal wisdom, and open doors for developing and realization of your abilities and your potential.

About master:

Maria Fedoseeva (Siri Santokh Kaur) is a certified teacher of Kundalini yoga of international school of Kart Singh – Amrit Nam Sarovar. Reiki Master. Psychosomatic specialist.


FB: Кундалини йога/Мария Федосеева/Siri Santokh Kaur

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