Arthur Skochelyas. Practicing yoga asanas in meditative key

In general everything is simple: to bend wax candle you need to change its physical properties, e.g., heat it, and bending will happen automatically. If you go the way of force it will just break. Body is like candle, and its physical properties are a state of individual psychic activity.  Strained head will keep strained the whole body.  And vice versa: unconscious person can stay in unreal, from the first glance, postures. So, how can you bend your body? In the first place, yoga is its internal state, and its external expression is a body. Regular practice allows to catch the necessary operating state and gradually lead its physical shape to the limits of its potential abilities, measured differently by nature to each person. It means that not everybody has to put their legs over their heads as it will lead many people to the serious traumas. The same asana will be performed by all in different way, because all people are different. Efforts by any means to get to “picture”-like shape is at least senseless and at most dangerous for life. Yoga is internal state, relaxation of body – instrument for reaching it and depth indicator as well.

Session installed based on hatha-yoga.

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Yoga teacher. Surgeon, massagist. Teaching group and individual trainings. Training yoga-therapy.


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