Zoya Kamenkova. Blue dreams are especially good looking on Butterfly’s wings

Deep astral meditations take consciousness of a human to the level of its union with Higher Self. A human breaks daily life limits and becomes a creator of own personality and reality. Deep astral meditation allows a person to reach a level of consciousness of deity and merge with the Creator still on Earth. When spiritual power and true divine potential awakens in human, a person can touch wisdom through conversation with Higher Self and get acknowledged with life in other dimensions of being through astral journey, and you oneself. But most important achievement of a spiritual person is unconditionally the ability to command personal yearnings and wishes.

This session is a part of deep astral meditations.

About master:

Zoya Kamenkova (BAMBA)  is teacher of deep astral meditations since 2003. Has expertise in meditation techniques of cleaning, filling, joining, healing. Works with the groups from Berdyansk, Lviv, Slovyansk, Kharkiv, Poland, and conducts individual sessions in Tenerife (Spain),

Video from VI International Esoteric Forum:


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