Nataliya Shtukina (Radmila). Free voice. Memories about Future

– My dear Alice, in the gardens of memory, in the palace of dreams, that is where you and I will meet.

– But dream is not reality…

– But who’s to say which is which?

(Alice in Mirrorland)

Dream is an idea, the tastiest fruit of our imagination. It is unreachable, like the ideal is. But it gives stimulation, direction, inspiration and bright emotions, attractive sense and expedience to our actions, and sometimes to the whole life. A peculiarity is moving towards dream we do not see the whole way, but delicately feeling every next step.

Only humans are dreaming. The imagination of humans gives birth to the future world. We are living on the same planet, walking on the same ground, breathing the same air. And also we’re living in the ocean, in invisible one, but such diverse and saturated ocean of thoughts, ideas, hopes and wishes of each and every being. That’s where are our dreams find response for latter transformation into aims that’ll be implemented into life.

World is vibrating. And we are vibrating in various ways, depending on the state and feelings. We receive vibrations of surrounding and environment where we exist. And we react, either consciously or not.

Such world nature allows to inspect human, objects, phenomena, events, and influence them.

And we have wonderful natural universal instrument – VOICE. This is vibration that joins energy and information and which we can hear and feel directly here and now.

Session belongs to vocal integrative practices.

About master:

Leader of developing and transformational workshops using vocal practices and resonant modelling, system designer, researcher of archaic practices.

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